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'American Energy Policy V - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion'
By Dr Paul Curto

'World Power Grid from OTEC Energy Islands'
By Dominic Michaelis

'First Generation 50 MW OTEC Plantship for the Production of Electricity and Desalinated Water'
By Luis Vega and Dominic Michaelis

'Clean energy, water and food

Renewable Energy From the Ocean
A Guide to OTEC by Avery & Wu

'Energy Island'
ECMAR News, September '09

'Dream of green ocean paradise at hand'
Recharge News, August '09

'How Floating 'Energy Islands' Could Power the Future'
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - News Summary, p.17, November '08

'Energy Islands'
Blueprint, June '08

‘Could sea power solve the energy crisis?’
Telegraph, January’08

‘Energy islands could use power of tropics, says innovator’
Guardian, January’08

‘Energy Island: unlocking the potential of the ocean as a renewable power source’
Gizmag, January’08

'Energy Island’ by Dominic Michaelis
International OTEC Association Newsletter - Spring ‘02

'Cost Implications of Combined Power Generation and Seawater Desalination’ OTEC News
Paper by Dominic Michaelis and Jerome Tomasi

Dr Luis Vega: Selected publications
Section 1 »
Section 2 »

Perspective view of an Energy Island facillity


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