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10MW Plantship

The plant ship is specifically designed to accommodate 10 OC-OTEC modules made up of an upright cylindrical evaporator, a high level 1,8MW turbine, and a rectangular volume condenser, disposed in pairs along the hull.

The cold water pipe is separately buoyed and moored, with a flexible linking tube connecting it to the ship. The connection can be interrupted, and the linking tube brought up to the underside of the ship, when bad weather or a hurricane path causes the ship to abandon its position, and seek calmer waters. After the storm, it can return to its original position and reconnect to the buoyed cold water pipe.

The ships bridge is at the rear, and a gantry crane runs over the plant to lift out or lift in required components.

The ship is moored to the cold water pipe buoy with tough elastic cables, the pipe connection being towards the ship’s prow so that winds and waves keep the prow facing into them. Electric cables and desalinated water pipes bring power and water to land.

A ship mounted plant is superior to an immobile one, which needs to resist dangerous weather patterns often found in tropical waters.

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