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1.8MW OTEC Module

The basic 1,8 MW Open Cycle OTEC module is made up of 3 elements:

The evaporator, essentially a cylinder of 9.2m diameter by 16 m high which is partially evacuated and fitted at its base with a surface hot water sump from which rise an array of sprinklers, which create a mist that changes phase to create a high pressure vapour, which loses the saline component of the original seawater.

The low pressure Mitsubishi turbine is mounted with it’s shaft horizontal, between the evaporator outlet and the condenser inlet. It will deliver 1.8 MW of power, with 0.6 MW needed to power peripheral demands, such as hot and cold water pumps, vacuum pumps and other energy users. This leaves the turbine delivering 1.2 MW.

The vapour from the turbine enters the condenser inlet, where it is directed to run through an array of cold aluminium heat exchangers, through which runs the cold water brought up from the depths acting as the coolant, the vapour condensing to provide large quantities of desalinated water, roughly 2.36m litres / day / MW

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