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Adriatic Energy Island

The Adriatic Energy Island Project aims at creating an offshore complex of luxury hotels, a conference centre linked to commercial and recreation malls, all taking the form of an island village, with harbours for yachts and liners.

The aim is to design the Island so that it can recover sufficient renewable energy, not only for its own use, but also to make the host town itself carbon neutral. The systems envisaged will include solar, wind and wave energies brought together to produce 70 MW peak.

An international university presence will be set up to study local marine conditions and life, highlighted in an aquarium, and to monitor the behaviour of the clean energy systems installed. It will include a university building for courses and international participation in the overall project.

It will be seen as a vital extension of the city, bringing it into the 21st C, with access to up to date technologies in many fields, a place for study and information exchange, to bring an intellectual dimension to the realms of leisure and pleasure offered by the city. The island will either be accessed by a pier, a cable car or solely by ship shuttles.

Sketch designs have been carried out, but the aim is to give the island a strong image, sparkling day and night, as defined by Shakespeare:

"A precious stone set in the silver sea"

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