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Ship Marina

Land next to the sea is generally built-up and development land there is often too expensive or unavailable.

It is the purpose of the Ship Marina patented concept to create development platforms at sea, one being made up by bringing together six ships designed to form a hexagon, the prow of one ship designed to be firmly fixed to the rear of the neighbouring ship, one of the ships provided with an opening such that boats can enter a central harbour, the centre formed by inner platforms providing accessible deck space.

This is organised to provide public leisure activities, including a multi-purpose hall, restaurants and a palm beach giving onto a safe seawater pool. A large yacht harbour is planned within the protection of the hexagon.

Each ship is composed of a hull which provides the flotation and large rooms, and a superstructure where apartments, hotels, ground floor shops and public spaces are planned. The roof is planned with restaurants and a swimming pool over the hotel ship, and will feature penthouses above residential units.

Since the life of conventional hulls is around 50 years, a system is provided by which the superstructures can be slid from an old or damaged hull to a new hull brought alongside.

Power and desalinated water can be produced by OTEC in deep tropical waters, with the added possibility of fish and seafood rearing. Solar energy can be collected at roof level.

A Ship Marina forms a novel development at sea, which can be used to extend harbour city living space, or as luxury tourist/ conference centres, or again as a way of living for those displaced by rising seawater levels.

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