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Energy Island Ltd is a consultancy service company, that, in cooperation with its associate partners, Dr Luis Vega Consultancy, Noble Denton, Parsons Brinkerhoff and Halcrow, undertakes projects, generally in the Marine and Renewable Energy sectors.

Energy Island is also an architectural practice, working alongside Michaelis Boyd Associates (architects), and are able to carry out low and renewable energy architectural projects.

The practice is linked to the University of Southampton, who give support to its initiatives and carry out some joint studies.

Energy Island follows project proposals, designs and studies from initial general definition to Front End Engineering and Design Studies. Regarding OTEC projects, with its associates, Energy Island also seeks permission to exploit specific OTEC sites from the relevant foreign national Depts of Energy, performing site studies and marine thermal profiles, negotiating applicable Feed in Tariffs and grid connection possibilities so that OTEC plants can be successfully set up.

It charges normal consultancy fees, or, where it is called upon to organise finance, it charges a percentage fee. in some instances, Energy Island will trade its project set up work for a share in the local OTEC operating company.

Sketch design "Ship Marina" by Energy Island


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