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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Our oceans are vast, untapped and renewable collectors of heat from the sun. Through Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology, 1/10,000ths of the surface of our seas contains enough solar thermal energy to provide for our entire planet’s current energy needs, renewably and sufficient desalinated water for all water uses of a population of 7 billion.

With the assistance of Dr Luis Vega, a world expert in OTEC systems, Energy Island has designed a number of OTEC plants based around a 1,8 MW turbine providing over 1MW of electricity, after peripheral losses are taken into account.

Energy Island has carried out a Pre FEED study of 50 MW OTEC plants, with options of open or closed cycles, the former producing 50 MW and delivering 118M litres of desalinated water per day. We have designed platforms and plant ships incorporating these systems.

Energy Island hold a patent, (Patent GB 2395754) for an OTEC low level condenser by which the working fluid vapour is taken down to great depths to be condensed, the liquid fluid being then pumped up to the surface, thus avoiding the cold water pipe bringing up tons of coolant water from 1000 meters or so down, causing replacement water currents with entrainment of micro-organisms, disturbing the ecosystem.

If OTEC is used on a large scale, such a system would limit any negative side effects, making the system much more efficient.

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